Brief history of foodie.

This website is NOT operational. And is only informational.

Foodie was started 13 years ago in St. Louis. We took 52 local restaurants in a US city and advertised and promoted them.  The advertising and promotion service was provided free of charge for these restaurants. 

-WHY 52? 

Because we advertised and promoted these restaurants in a deck of cards–just like playing cards. Each card contained a detailed description of the restaurant and was also a $10 gift certificate to that restaurant. $10 discount was on a purchase of $25 or more at any partner restaurant. The decks retailed for $20. It could not be used with another discount.  And could not be applied toward tax, gratuity or prix fixe menus.

A deck was good for a calendar year. We sold the decks through our website, participating restaurants, stores, shops, daily deals and fundraisers. And we donated a portion of each deck sold to Food Outreach.

When we sold the decks through participating restaurants, stores, shops, daily deals and fundraisers. These entities were given $10 out of $20. Selling price.  So in essence.  They incurred no cost.  

52 restaurants were from various neighborhoods, cuisines and price points.

In a few years FOODIE was in 12 US cities.

The list of the cities were:

1 Saint Louis

2 Kansas city

3 Indianapolis

4 Cincinnati

5 Columbus

6 Nashville

7 Houston

8 Atlanta

9 Washington DC

10 Charlotte

11 Cleveland

12 Portland 

Here is a brief video. Of how foodie deck used to look like.